Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Still waiting to close!

So we are having so many problems trying to close. Long story short, we had to use a relocation company provided by my husbands employer. The man on our case has to be the most laziest person on the planet and we couldn't switch, we are stuck with him. He went on vacation for a week in the middle of everything and left a girl in charge that didn't know squat about anything. When he came back everything was still a mess, although I don't blame the poor girl, he left her poorly informed. The bank has been ready to hand the money over to the seller, but the relocation guy didn't do the paperwork right and it's taking him forever! We had to get 2 extentions already and the seller is ready to back out. We are now told "Maybe" Monday we can close. Urgggg! Its so awful. I already went there twice, which is a 6 hour car drive just to have to come back home!

The pregnancy is going great! My body..... not so much! I've had bad back problems before I got pregnant and had to see a chiropractor once a month for it. It was mostly from 2 car accidents and also waiting tables for 7 years straight really did a number on my spine as well! My chiropractor warned me that if I was to get pregnant I'd have alot of back problems and boy was he right! I have NEVER experienced this kind of pain before in my life. And there is nothing I can take for it besides Tylenol, which does NOTHING! Being in the car for even 10 minutes makes the pain so much worse. It's up and down my middle back along the spine and my lower right rib. The rib actually feels as if it is broken! So all this back and forth in the car for 6 hours is just awful. The pain gets so bad I feel like I'm going to pass out, which sometimes I wish I could just pass out so I wouldn't feel it. I love that I'm pregnant, but I wish I could just "enjoy" it more right now. I was hoping to have another baby down the road, but this has me thinking twice about it, which also leaves me feeling guilty. I wanted my son to have a sibling.

On a much lighter note. I've felt the baby move for about 3 weeks now. Just tiny flutters. BUT today I could actully SEE and FEEL the movement from the outside. It's the most craziest thing ever. Of course it had to happen right after my hubby left on buisness for a week! We've been waiting forever for him to be able to feel it. It just happened overnight to. I sat on the sofa this morning just watching my tummy jump around. It made me smile and laugh and made me realize that all this pain is worth it!