Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Induction tomorrow!

Oh my goodness I can't believe that I'm going to become a mother tomorrow! I'm ready to not be pregnant anymore. The doctor swept my membranes yesterday and said I'm 1 cm dialated already. So I have a good start for tomorrow. Hopefully it will all go well, I am really nervous and excited at the same time. I'll try and post pictures for everyone as soon as I can get the laptop up and running at the hospital so "stay tuned"!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

39 weeks! Induction on the 16th!

So I've been having problems and the doc wants to induce me on the 16th. I'm soooooooo ready so I said yes. I'm just scared and I'm hoping he decides to come out on his own before the 16th. She's going to give me pitocin which I hear causes really painful contractions. We'll see I guess. I'm just trying to stay brave at this point. I've been having contractions now for about 3 weeks, but she hasn't checked me in those 3 weeks either so I don't know if I'm dialating or not. She will check Monday though. I'm so nervous. I hope those contractions were dialating me so I have a head start Wend. Well wish me luck. My next post I should have some baby pics up!!! YAY!! I cannot believe I'm about to be a mother! WOW! For those of you TTC, I'm sorry I'm not trying to boast. I've been there and I know it's hard, but I'm proof it's possible so NEVER EVER give up!!!!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

36 weeks... almost there!

So I've made it to 36 weeks so far!! YAY! Everything is fine except that I have a low blood count. I was put on iron pills today for it. I think that's what was causing some of my problems I was having such as sleepiness and the heart racing. So hopefully the iron pills will help with that. I've started getting Braxton Hicks Contractions a few days ago. It was really bad last night. I think I had about 6 of them. I had about 5 today. I think it's really getting close. I hope he stays in there though for another 2 weeks.

My cat is still sick. He has made some really huge improvements, but still will not eat on his own. I feel that in maybe 2 weeks he might be able to take better care for himself without me having to syringe feed him every 2-3 hours. It would be very stressfull doing that while taking care of a newborn. I love my cat so much (His name is Prozac) and I really want him to get better. He started sleeping on the end of the bed two nights ago. Something he used to do all the time, but hasn't done since the move. So I really think he's coming around. Like I said, I just need a little more time with him. I'll post a picture of my precious Prozac to! :D

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

33 weeks!

So I've made it to 33 weeks this Saturday. I'm so exhausted. I'm ready for this pregnancy to be over. It's just to the point where it's just plain painful. Not to mention all the stress I've been under lately. After Randy died, Prozac (my cat) got really sick. He still is sick and nothing I do seems to help. I've been force feeding him for 3 weeks now. It's so tiering and I already do not have energy. I try to feed him every 3 hours and I stop at night, but I think maybe I should feed him thru the night if I want him to recover faster. *sigh* I'm just soooooo ready for everything to turn back to normal so I can just look forward to my new baby.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sad post: Step-Dad passed away :(

Like this year hasn't been stressfull enough for us. I got a call Friday morning from my mom saying that her husband Randy died. He was having chest pains and she took him to the ER in the middle of the night. They hooked him up to heart monitors for 3 hours and sent him home saying he had indigestion! He went on to work the next morning and fell out of his chair onto the floor. He had a heart attack and it was to late to do anything for him although the people around him at the time did CPR and everything they could for him. I'm so mad at the hospital that they couldn't have caught the problem earlier when he was there. My mom married him when I was 15, I'm now 29, so I've become really close to him.

I feel so bad to that we just moved 6 hours away and I cannot be there for my mom like I want to. Our "old" house was only 2 streets over from her. There is no family there besides my sister. His family lives 2 hours away and the rest of ours live 3 states up north. My sister was on vacation in another state when she got the call, so my poor mom was all alone when she found out. Randy's family drove down to be with her since they were closer, but that was 2 hours she had to spend alone in that house surrounded by his things. It rips my heart to peices!

He was burried 2 hours up north in his family's cemetary yesterday. I was there for her for the wake Saturday for 6 long hours and the funeral yesterday as well, but we had to come back home. He was the kind of person who could bring a smile to your face no matter what situation you were facing. He was always smiling and laughing. And if something broke he was always more then willing to fix it. From car trouble to plumbing, he was always there when you needed him. It's especially hard for me because he was going to be the grandfather of the baby. I don't have contact with my real dad, so he's all I had. He was so excited about the baby to, it breaks my heart that our baby will never know him. He would have made the perfect grandfather.

Well, I haven't really slept in the last 4 days so I'm going to try and get some sleep before James gets home from work.

Monday, September 28, 2009

We got the house! :)

Okay, so we've been back and forth many times trying to close on this house and now it's ours. We've been in the house now for about 3 weeks. The neighborhood is really nice and quite. We also have put up a fence so we can let our dog out and just run free. He loves it. It's his first time outside without a leash and he's 4 years old!!! My bunny rabbit died right after the move. I guess the stress was to much for him :( My cats (I have 6!!) however are doing good, except my Siamese. It's taking her a little longer to adjust, but I think she'll be fine. I bring my smallest cat (6 months old) to the vet tomorrow to get fixed. I kind of favor him the most recently because I found him the same day I thought I was having a miscarriage and he really lifted my spirits that week. So I pray my little boy will be okay tomorrow.
I'm officially in my third trimester now. Saturday made 28 weeks for me. I can't believe how the time just flew by. I guess because we were so busy. I did have a major scare Saturday night. I was getting ready for bed around 10pm and I started bleeding! I tried to keep my calm (it was hard) and went straight to the ER. Lucky for me my regular doctor was on call at the hospital that night. I stoped bleeding as soon as I got into a room (of course). So I was put on 2 different types of fetal monitors. One for the heartbeat and one for contractions. I wasn't having any contractions thank God. My doc did an exam and my cervix was still closed so she didn't seem concerned. I still had to stay there until 2am to have the baby monitored and to be sure it wasn't the start of preterm labor. Everything checked out fine with the monitoring and I was sent home. I wish they could have told me EXACTLY what was causing the bleeding, but they couldn't. So I've been resting alot since then just to be safe. I bleed early on from week 6 thru week 10 and I hate that it's come back. Hopefully it was just a one time thing this time.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Still waiting to close!

So we are having so many problems trying to close. Long story short, we had to use a relocation company provided by my husbands employer. The man on our case has to be the most laziest person on the planet and we couldn't switch, we are stuck with him. He went on vacation for a week in the middle of everything and left a girl in charge that didn't know squat about anything. When he came back everything was still a mess, although I don't blame the poor girl, he left her poorly informed. The bank has been ready to hand the money over to the seller, but the relocation guy didn't do the paperwork right and it's taking him forever! We had to get 2 extentions already and the seller is ready to back out. We are now told "Maybe" Monday we can close. Urgggg! Its so awful. I already went there twice, which is a 6 hour car drive just to have to come back home!

The pregnancy is going great! My body..... not so much! I've had bad back problems before I got pregnant and had to see a chiropractor once a month for it. It was mostly from 2 car accidents and also waiting tables for 7 years straight really did a number on my spine as well! My chiropractor warned me that if I was to get pregnant I'd have alot of back problems and boy was he right! I have NEVER experienced this kind of pain before in my life. And there is nothing I can take for it besides Tylenol, which does NOTHING! Being in the car for even 10 minutes makes the pain so much worse. It's up and down my middle back along the spine and my lower right rib. The rib actually feels as if it is broken! So all this back and forth in the car for 6 hours is just awful. The pain gets so bad I feel like I'm going to pass out, which sometimes I wish I could just pass out so I wouldn't feel it. I love that I'm pregnant, but I wish I could just "enjoy" it more right now. I was hoping to have another baby down the road, but this has me thinking twice about it, which also leaves me feeling guilty. I wanted my son to have a sibling.

On a much lighter note. I've felt the baby move for about 3 weeks now. Just tiny flutters. BUT today I could actully SEE and FEEL the movement from the outside. It's the most craziest thing ever. Of course it had to happen right after my hubby left on buisness for a week! We've been waiting forever for him to be able to feel it. It just happened overnight to. I sat on the sofa this morning just watching my tummy jump around. It made me smile and laugh and made me realize that all this pain is worth it!

Monday, July 20, 2009

It's a BOY!

We just came back from the OBGYN and found out we are having a boy! The original plan was for us to have a boy then a girl, but for some reason when I found out I was pregnant I switched and wanted a girl! I totally freaked out, because I don't know what to do with boys! I grew up with all girls and that would seem to be easier for me to relate to. But all week leading up to the doctors appointment I dreamed of having a boy and I knew in my heart that I was having a boy. So I'm still really excited and now me and hubby are back to the original plan; have a boy then try for a girl. I know it's silly, but now I kinda feel guilty for wishing for a girl! Also they said all the organs are developing great. So honestly what more could I ask for? I feel like the most luckiest person on Earth right now.
As far as the moving goes, it's just right around the corner! I can't wait. I'm going stir crazy in our house now. Mostly because it's just me, myself, and I. I joke around with my hubby that we're not just moving to another state, we're moving in together! So he's going to be home every night after the move. So I'll have some human interaction and I get to cook dinner again! I LOVE cooking so it's going to be nice to get back into a routine again and actually have stuff to do LOL! Never thought I'd say that. Especially since I'm use to holding 2 jobs and school all at the same time. I was always like "I need some down time!" now it's just the opposite. So hopefully I'll be finding a happy medium soon!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Getting Really Bored!!!

OMG! So I'm 16 weeks and 4 days pregnant. Hubby is still only home on the weekends. I am SOOOO freakin' sick of being by myself! We only had about a year when we were first married that he's been home every night. After that first year it was one week gone at work and one week at home with me. The last 2 and 1/2 months it's only been weekends. It's really driving me nuts! At least with the week on week off, I was able to get tired of him and send him right back to work long enough to miss him again LOL! No seriously though, I'm so bored outta my mind right now! I usually work or go to school and now with the move coming up and the baby coming there really isn't much that I can do right now.

We have a packing company coming to pack up our stuff for us, so I can't even pack my own things to keep myself occupied! I can pack the liquid stuff, but I'm using all that right now. I just watch T.V. all day long (Baby Story on TLC) and stay on the computer to pass time. Sometimes I even will just try to sleep the day away so the next day will get here faster! Oh, I'm so pathetic!

Anyways, now that I'm done ranting on about my boredom and loneliness, this week is almost over! YAY! I got my toy poodle (Peanut) fixed yesterday. He isn't very happy right now. He's getting these coughing fits from the air tube they put in his throat. I try to keep him occupied, but he mostly is just aggravated right now. He was sick a week ago. He was sneezing really bad. Now all of my cats are sick! I have 6 cats! I've spent over $600 at the vet in the last 4 weeks, I can't afford to bring 6 cats to the vet! OH GEEZE! My smallest kitten just got fixed and I think he might not be as sick as the others. He was still on some anti-biotics from his surgery. Crazy pet days over here. I guess I'll have to break down and bring one in and see if they will sell me extra meds for the other cats. Oh well, what can ya do?
*Oops, don't know how to fix the side ways picture lol!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Waiting on closing...

So we've found our dream home and now we're just waiting on closing. It seems to be taking forever, but I know the wait will be worth it. I'm just ready for it all to be done so I can stop worring about it already. I have so much to do when we move from finding a new doctor to where the furniture will go. I guess it's a good stress to have. Moving from a trailer to a house is a big deal to me. I've lived in both growing up, but for some reason when you get a house it just feels good. Hurricane season has started already, but it looks like we will be out of here in time before anything hits. I feel so blessed to be able to offer my family a safe place to evacuate to if need be. I know last year alone we all spent about $600 each in hotel stays alone and Fema only will pay you $100 back "if you qualify". So I'm glad for that for to. I'll put up a pic of us in front of the new house. We took this picture when we just went by to view it. We fell in love with it right away and I think we somehow knew it would be the one we would choose. :)
I'm now 15 weeks 2 days pregnant. I still cannot believe it. After 15 months of trying I have a baby in there! It's so weird! You get so focused on getting pregnant that when you ARE pregnant it's like it's almost not real. I know that must sound crazy! All of my symptoms have gone away except for dizzyness which is normal at this time. I'm excited to find out what I'll be having. I find out on the 27th (I think) of next month. I want a girl, but at this point it doesn't really matter as long as the baby is healthy.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Found a house!

So I finally got to take a house hunting trip up to Northern Texas where we will be living soon. I was really nervous and scared that I wouldn't like it. I already have my Mom and sister giving me a hard time for moving away in the first place. So that didn't really help. It reminded me of my hometown in Kentucky and it felt so homey. The people there are very nice and friendly. Here you'll get flipped off for looking at someone the wrong way! So that is a major plus! I'm even considering letting my kids go to school there instead of homeschooling. I would definitely home school where I'm currently living. So that opens up future options for our child's education which is nice to have options.

We got there on a Sunday with a list of approximately 20 houses we wanted to see. It was pretty overwhelming and I was scared we wouldn't find something or have enough time to see them all before I had to come back to Louisiana. We met our realator at 8:30am. We soon found out that there were only 13 of the 20 houses still on the market. I was kind of relived believe it or not. So we looked at all the 13 houses by 12pm! We were done by lunch time! Some of the houses you just walk into and it just didn't feel right. We narrowed it down to 4 houses, but I fell in LOVE with one in particular. 3 of the 4 were in a town about 25 minutes from town. It was kind of run down town with a train track that you had to wait on. I really didn't want to live there. I want something close to town so I can just run to the grocery store when I need something. So the house I fell in love with won. My husband had seen it 3 weeks ago and he loved it. I honeslty didn't think I would, but I did. So at about 3pm we called her back and put in an offer. We got a counter offer and accepted and now we are just waiting for closing since we went FHA loan which can take up to 45 days to complete.

So it's a really nice house on a little more than half an acre of land. It has 3bd and 2bath. The house itself is about 1700 sq. ft. which is all we need. We are coming from a single wide trailer after all! 1200 sq. ft. tops! So this is a big step for us. I couldn't be more excited! A new kitty, a new house, and a new baby all in one year! WOW!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Time to clean up!

So we are suppose to have a real estate agent come by the house Friday to discuss our selling options with us. I'm not sure if she is also doing an inspection or not so I need to clean up! I threw my back out last week and it's just now getting to where I can move again. It's surprizing what accumulates so quickly. Everything is a mess. Dishes, laundry, dusting, clutter, dirty floors, you name it I have it! It looks like a tornado just ripped thru here lol. So I guess it's time I get to cleaning. I hate cleaning.... obviously... who likes it right? I think I'll start with the clutter and work my way to the floors last so it looks nice and clean by Friday. I'm so not looking forward to it, but it needs to be done.

We got approved for a little over $200,000 for our new house. I can't wait to start looking! I really would rather stay in the $175,000 zone if possible. I don't really want a huge house note, but we'll see what the difference would be. We are looking for a 4bd and 2bath house. Hopefully we can find what we are looking for in the alloted time. I would like to have an office, nursery, and a guest room. I haven't seen any 4bd on the market that isn't old. Most of the 4bd we've seen online were built in 1975! We are looking for something at least built in the year 2000 lol! I'm not very picky so I think it should go well. As long as I have a roof over my head I think I'll be happy.

I'm feeling pretty good today. Went grocery shopping with my sister today and it really wore me out. It's crazy how one shopping trip wears me out now. I feel like I'm 80 years old sometimes. At least most of the sleepyness and nausousness have worn off for the most part. I'm officially off of pelvic rest today! woo hooo! Guess where hubby is... work! So yea, this may be TMI, but the last time we "woo hooed" was when we concieved the baby!!! So it's been a little over 2 months! Sorry, it will just be a mile stone for us lol. Well better go find something to clean or put away. Wish me luck.....

Saturday, May 30, 2009


So, I'm 11 weeks pregnant now. I would like to state that I did have more bleeding. It was bright red again and everytime I kept going to the doctor. I felt stupid, but it paid off! I went in on a Friday to my OBGYN and the doctor was out. The nurse practioner examined me and couldn't find anything. The ultra sound tech. was not at work that day, so I was sent to the hospital for the u/s. Which instead of only 4 pics like my doctor does, I had about 30 taken. FINALLY we discovered where the bleeding was coming from. I had a small tear in my uterus. It was so small that they said it should heal fast, but if it were bigger I might loose the baby. So, I was put on both bed rest and pelvic rest. So please ladies, never give up on finding out what is going on with your body. Go with your gut instinct.

Everything is GREAT now! I'm feeling SOOOO much better already! I don't have to take naps anymore and I don't feel nausous that much anymore. So my apitite is coming back! YAY! I'm so happy I can eat again! I was forcing food down my throat before.

My hubby got the job in Texas that we've been waiting on since November-ish. So we should be moving within the next month or so! I'm soooo excited! Hurricane season is coming up and I'm so glad we don't have to worry about that anymore, except to worry about our family that lives here. But now they will have a safe place to go. My mom isn't really supportive of our move as of yet. She's laying the guilt trip on me whenever she can. It really sucks! I wish she could just be happy for us. It's her first grandchild and I guess she thinks she will be missing alot, but she was planning on moving in 2 years anyways! Geeze! Besides, we'll only be 5 hours away. It's like we are going across the contry! Anyways, I'm still excited! YAY! The pieces are finally falling into the right places!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Nausousness.... eeeek!

I'm just going to keep this post really short. It's like 1:30 am lol! It's hard for me to sleep sometimes even when I'm sleepy. Anyways, things have been going great lately. I did have a scare last Monday, I thought I was having a miscarriage, but it turned out to be nothing, thank God! I haven't had any bleeding since. I think it was due to the pelvic exam I had had the day before, it just really irritated me. I'm doing as well as I can be. I'm terribly sleepy all day and take lots of naps, which is probably why I cannot sleep at night. And I am nauseous all day long. I never vomit, but I stay sick to my stomach all day long. It's hard to eat anything because food isn't appealing to me right now. But I hear that by month 3 it goes away for most women so I'm hoping it does. I'm now 8 weeks! YAY! Who would have EVER thought I would be pregnant! Yes it's something I always wanted, but it's something we tried so long for I was loosing hope. Now that I am I think I'm still in shock. I don't really "feel" pregnant right now I just feel really sick. But I'm willing to deal with it if it means I get my little bundle of joy. Well, I seriously need to go to bed now. Good night!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

I told hubby!

So FINALLY my hubby came home. I had a set up waiting for him! I had put a hamburger bun on a plate and on an index card I wrote "Looks like somebody's got a bun in the oven". Then I took 2 toothpicks taped it to the back of the index card and inserted it into the bun. Then I placed the bun in the oven. When hubby got home I was causually sitting on the sofa like nothing new has happened. He thought I was waiting for him to get home to test. So he ask me to go take a test now that he was home. So I agreed but then I said "Oh, shoot! Honey, I left something in the oven! Can you check it for me please?" When he opened the oven he almost cried. It was a fun way to tell him.

I had my first doctor's appointment on Wend. April 22nd. It was the first time I had seen this doctor so I was a little nervous. I had also had spotting a couple of times and was very worried. But she said I was ok. Then I got to do an ultra sound. I was only 5 weeks and 5 days at the time, so baby is still really just a blob. It was still magical to see though. It kind of makes it all "real". Since baby was so small I have to go back this coming Wend. April 29th so we can see the baby's heart beat. Now THAT will be exciting! I just wish my hubby could be here to see it. He just left today and will be home late Thursday night. That will be his schedual for the next 3 months.

I haven't had many pregnancy symptoms yet. Mostly fatigue. All I ever want to do is sleep ALL day long! Sometimes I will get nausous. I had to get up a few times at 4am and eat crackers. YUK! But it's all for a good cause. Well, as I said I am very sleepy and I gotta go. Can't wait to see my baby blob next Wend! :D

Friday, April 10, 2009


Wow, after 15 months of trying I'm finally pregnant! I found out Monday, April 6th. Of course my hubby isn't home and will not be home until Saturday. I want to wait and tell him face to face and not over the phone. I cannot even begin to tell you how many pregnancy test I have taken in the last 15 months! So when I seen a faint line in the test area, I was so overwhelmed! I ran to my sisters house, next door, and told her right away! There was screaming, laughing, and crying! I cannot wait to tell my hubby. He'll actually get home a bit early now, midnight 2night. I told him I had something planned for him from a while back forgetting he was working that day and he agreed to come home early since he could get a flight in.
It was important to me that he come home early, not only to share the good news, but to be able to tell my Mom. She will be going out of town early Saturday to her hubby's family for Easter. I want to try and catch her before they take off so she can have a nice Easter surprise! She's always always hinted around to wanting grandchildren, so I can't wait to see her face when we tell her! No one even knows we were trying, we kept it a secret, so everyone will be surprised. I also can't wait to tell his Mom. It will be her first grandchild as well! My hubby is her only child. His dad is offshore so he'll have to find out later. (Sorry Father-in-law!) I just cannot contain my joy over this much longer and feel I have to scream it from the roof tops for the whole world to hear!

I have waited for this day for so long. I remember at 24, 2 years into our marriage, I begged and pleaded with my hubby to have a baby. He wasn't ready and I had to respect that. I knew God had a plan and I needed to be patient. It's all seeming to fall into place now! God couldn't have timed it better for us. My hubby just paid off his car and mine will be paid off in 2 months! That's an extra $700/month we will have to pay on our other debts (which isn't to much) and enough to start saving for our baby. Also in 3 months hopefully his work will give him that job. While it will be even more difficult now to leave family and move to a new town, it will be great new beginning for our own little family. We would after all be safe from hurricanes and still only 5 hours away for family visits.

My life now is no longer humble or boring. This changes everything! I might have to change my blogs name to something else other than "My humble life"!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Moved Delayed

Okay, so I guess I'm giving up hope on ever moving out of this hurricanne ridden area. For now at least. They are saying now maybe June. It's all a bunch of BS if you ask me. Guess the economy is suffering to much right now to give promotions.

Anyways, besides all that, I'm doing good. Me and hubby started a new supplement to help us concieve. It's called FertilAide. He takes the men's I take the womens. I started it last month a week b4 my period. I'm now doing the last week of my 2ww (2 week wait) so in about 6 days I'll test. I'm really hoping we got it this time! Keeping my fingers crossed!

Monday, March 9, 2009


Yea still waiting to see if my hubby officially got the job or not. They are taking a long time to sign the papers. I'm getting really nervous about the idea of staying here. I was so dead against it at first (moving), now I just can't stand the idea of staying here. I can't stand the idea of having to evacuate this year. Last year was so hard on me! Mentally and physically! It took me 11 hours to drive a distance that would normally take 5 hours!!!! That's insaine! For about an hour straight we didn't move a single inch in bumper to bumper traffic. AND WE HAD LEFT EARLY TO!!! I ran out of gas on the way and by the grace of God found a gas station that was open. The line to it was an 45 minutes long, but hey I found gas! Then I had to go potty in the woods on the side of the road. It was not a fun experience. Katrina wasn't any nicer to us either! I had a nervous breakdown for Katrina! Watching it on T.V. over our city. Wondering if we had a home left or not. I just broke down in public. I fell to the ground and just couldn't stop crying! It was awful. Last year was pretty close to that to!

Anyways, keepin' my fingers crossed and praying God gives us this great opprotunity! And on a lighter note it's a new month in my "womanly cycle" as I call it. Which means new oprotunity to try and have a baby! YAY! Hopefully though things will start to go smoothly for us!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Just a bad day! :(

So my hubby went back to work this morning at 5am. He stayed home an extra day this week. Anyways, we haven't heard anything about what his company will offer us (for sure) yet. I have so many questions and NO answers! I'm so frustrated! If they say we have to be there by April 1st why can't they give us any answers and why doesn't my husband demand them? I don't know. I'm just really sad today.
I started looking back at how good of a student I was in highschool and how everyone, including myself ,had such high expections/hopes for my future. Now here I am 10 years later a big fat NOTHING! I haven't done anything with my life! I feel so depressed today. It's just one of those days you wish you would have just stayed in bed for! I don't usually look at my life that way, but today it just hit me the wrong way I guess. I just can't wait to get a new start on life in a new place. I'm sure that will help, but right now just some answers and clear direction about my near future home and life would be great. If it were only that easy to just figure it all out!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Waiting to move...

So here I am still bored out of my mind waiting to move to Texas. I'm so nervous because I have never even seen the town before. I'm really trusting my husband here! His work is supposed to give us a "moving package", but we don't know all the details about what it includes yet. Hopefully we will get more information about it this week. I'm just hoping that the rumored downpayment they give you is true, because we don't have much money in the bank right now. I'm nervous and excited at the same time. I'm just worried about all my kitties and pets. I have 3 outdoor cats that I want to take with us, but we might have to be put up in a hotel until we find a new home. So I'm really worried about them. I can't let them stay in with our 5 inside cats because our inside cats are declawed. So I'm just keeping my fingers crossed waiting for the green light and more information.
I'm so excited that I will be able to go back to work and find a new college to go to. This sitting around the house all day thing just isn't for me!!!!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Another day

Yea, so it's just another day around here. Hubby is home. He is watching his "Judge Judy" right now. I can't pry him away from her! So thought I'd come in here and write a little. Not much really going on the last couple days. We visited the in-laws last night to let them know that we are moving. I know my husband is slow in spreading the news. My family has been knowing for a month now. He just hates to see his mom cry. She took the news well though. We'll only be 5 hours away anways. It's not like we are moving cross country or anything.
I started looking at homes online. I have a list of about 7 that I would like to see. I guess we'll actually start looking at them physically in 3 weeks from now. I'm so excited, I just hope we can get into a house we really like. We live in a trailer right now, so a house is a big deal. Also it is more up north so our families can evacuate to our house now during hurricanes. It's so hard on all of us when we have to evacuate. There is the stress of gathering up your pets, gas expenses, hotel expenses, long hours on the road, and you would actually be lucky if you DO find a vacant hotel room. There were many times me and hubby had to sleep in our tiny car (a coupe) with 5 cats and a dog in the outter rings of the hurricane and the car rocking in the storm! Not fun. So I'm excited that I can now offer a safe place for family to go during a hurricane. :)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Feelin' better :D

So I ended up taking 2 doses of Dayquil all together. I think the juice and vitamins did the trick. Oh and "waiting it out". I wasn't sure if I was gonna make it there for a while LOL! I made the worst tasting juice yesterday that was said to "Knock Out Any Cold". It must have helped. It was 2 oranges and 1 large grapefruit. I don't know about you, but grapefruit tast so awful to me! I even added 2 more oranges to it hoping it would sweeten it up a bit, but it didn't! It was still bitter! I took a straw and chugged ALL of it down as fast as I could. I guess it was worth it! I feel much better now. Just a little scratchyness left in my throat, but I'm sure that will go away soon.

It was also my sisters 30th birthday today! 30??? Where on earth did all the time go????? I turn 29 next month! Oh geeze how can this happen? It's like just yesterday we were 16 & 17 and livin' life up to the fullest. Where did the time go? I know, I know, it just amazes me how fast time starts to fly by after you turn 21! It's kinda sad that that young part of our lives is over where we will probably never even be carded again. I'm gonna have to start looking forward to something new now. Any suggestions? What milestones can I work toward now? It was all about being old enough to buy alcohole and get into clubs. Now we are ADULTS!! *Gasp* We are also both married and let's face it, we don't really "go out" anymore. And I'm not a big fan of drinking anymore either. OH MAN.... I am growing up! *sigh*

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Hubby's home to take care of me!

Okay, so far the "natural" healing thing is getting the best of me. It's been about 8 days since I've felt sick. They say the common cold last about 10 days right? So I should just be about done I hope. I broke down earlier today and took some Dayquil. It has helped tremendously! My hubby came home today! YAY! Someone to take care of me! He's been helpful so far. I just lay on the sofa and he makes my juices for me. He even did some laundry! What more could a girl ask for?

It's Mardi Gras time here in Louisiana. So things are a bit crazy in town. Good thing I'm really to sick to go to town right now! My hubby did get me out of the house today to go eat at Applebees. I have yet to restock my refridgerator since our vacation because I've been sick. I had just restocked on the fruit and have been living off of soups. YUK! Anyways, we were pretty lucky missing most of the "crazies" out and about celebrating Mardi Gras. I don't really get the whole idea to much. It's just a bunch of people getting drunk and acting up in public. It used to be fun as a child, but the adults pretty much have taken the "holiday" over. My husband and I decided last year that we would attend a parade. I nearly got beat up by some drunk man over a teddy bear! Geeze! So you have: Standing outside in the cold, it might rain on you, LOTS of drunks, lots of fights, screaming kids, dirty bathrooms,..ect... need I go on? It's really something I don't mind missing LOL!

Well, back to my sofa while my husband plays on his PS3. I think tomarrow I will feel much better. Keeping my fingers crossed!

Friday, February 20, 2009


Okay so my recent trip to New York City obviously made me sick. I thought I had avoided it, but I didn't. I'm all aches, coughs, runny nose... you name it I got it! I bought a juicer before we left to NYC and it came in while we were gone, so I'm trying it out. Hopefully some pure juice will help me clear this up faster. I would go to the doctor, but they can't really do much. It just has to run it's course. I'm not big on medicine anyways unless I absolutely have to take it! I use to be sick all the time with tonsilitous, but I had them removed in Feb of 08. Thank god, because I'm sure they would be infected right now. So I just forced down some blueberry juice and a glass of apple juice. I have to admit it does taste much better fresh!

So the last few days I've just been lying around curled up on the sofa trying to get better. I got really bored yesterday and decided to give my dog Peanut a bath. It was fun for me, but he hates it. It was over due anyways. He's a toy poodle by the way. I really like poodles because they do not shed. I also have 5 cats! They shed enough! They were all rescue cats. I got to attached to the last 2 to give them away. Besides that I have a bunny rabbit and 2 fish tanks. Which I must add the fish tanks are past due as well! I set out the water for them a couple of days ago, but can't find it in me to get up and clean the tanks! I'll do it before it gets bad I promise. ;) Well, wish me luck on my quest to fight off this cold au natural!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Taking on New York City

Well with all the formalities out of the way with my first post, I'd like to write about my recent trip to New York City! Well as I said my husband travels for work alot and has alot of free flyer miles. I decided to get over my HUGE fear of flying and go where I always wanted to go.... NYC! The plane trip there wasn't to bad, but I must admit I almost cried taking off. I'm such a baby! I couldn't believe my eyes as I noticed all the traffic and people! I live near New Orleans, so I wasn't expecting to be stunned by a big city. Boy was I wrong! Lets just say the worst places I ever drove was Huston and New Orleans. NYC makes that look like a peice of cake! I'm glad we were in a cab! I wouldn't dare tempt my fate!

Well the cab ended up taking us to the wrong hotel and we ended up having to walk 6 blocks to our hotel. It wasn't that bad just embarassing to be dragging luggage behind us lol. Our room was right in the center of it all in Times Square! It was a true blessing to even be here! The lights were amazing and the people were really nice! I always wanted to go the museums, see a show on Broadway, and see the Statue of Liberty. So that was a must do while we were there. Our first night was on Tuesday so it wasn't so busy around the streets. We had lots of opprotunity to take good pictures of everything and take in the view without being in the way.

Our second day was filled with museums. Lots of them! As we learned to navigate the city things became much easier for us. We even enjoyed a hot dog from a street vender! And it was good! We seen art work from Picasso and many other famous artist that I had studied in classes. It was a privilage to view them in person. We mostly walked where we needed to go. It seemed faster that way because the cabs were kinda slow and honking at everyone. We then discovered the wonderful subway stations! I always wanted to go on one! Silly? I guess, but it was still fun. I've only been on a short shuttle ride before at the Atlanta airport so this was an adventure for me. I fell over on people a couple of times, but it was funny and they were nice about it. We decided to see Marry Poppins on Broadway. I LOVED the movie as a child and my hubby never seen it before. So it was a great opprotunity to bring back childhood memories and to introduce my hubby to a great story. The show was fantastic! The cast was full of energy and didn't miss a beat. It was truely something I will always remember!

The third day we were so sore! We really then began to utalize the subway. We were going to see the Statue of Liberty! It was an amazing experience to see her up close and in person. I was surprized at how many people were there from other countries to check out the statue. We were not able to go in, but we walked around for about an hour taking pictures and .... feeding the birds. OOps! Didn't see the "Do not feed birds" sign. LOL! We then went to see the Empire State Building. WOW what a view. It was windy and freezing, but you couldn't help but catch a glipse of the city from 102 stories high!

Day 4 we were heading back home. Again I was scared of flying! We decided to take a couple hours to wonder the streets one last time. We came across all the street venders as before, except this time we decided to get our picture drawn. We sat in the freezing cold as they sketched away. Finally after about 15 minutes they showed us our picture. Who they drew, I have no idea. It looked nothing like us! It was still all fun and games though and we paid them and went on our marry way. We began to head back to our hotel and came across the firestation that was right down from our room. At night that was all we heard, but it seemed really slow and closed up during the day. On this day though the firemen were out and had the gate open. I made a joke to my hubby about taking a picture with them. He took me seriously and before I turned around to see where he went, my hubby was asking the really hot firemen to take a picture with me. I must say I was like a shy school girl and was totally embarassed. I couldn't say much but one worded sentances! What a hubby huh? To let me do that without hesitation. He's so silly sometimes!

So here I am home again. It is quite here and what seemed to be "humble" and at times boring now seems like a dream.... for a few days at least. Leaving such a big busy city makes me thankful for the quite time I do have. I loved NYC, but I'm glad to home to!

Slow day

So here I am sitting at home with not much else to do. Sound good to some of you? I'm sure it does. It did once to me to. Let me fill you in on my life thus far. I'll start right after high school and don't worry I'll keep it short. So I had high ambitions thru out school. As I'm sure many did. But I also had a strong desire to experience life. So instead of taking my scholorship to college I decided to get out into the workfoce. I worked since I was 15 and loved it. Need I say I thought my scholorship was good for year, but it was not. So yes I lost it and yes I regret it.
So I found a job at a restraunt as a waitress. It was a great way for me to meet alot of people quickly. All my freinds moved away after high school and I was left all alone :( Poor me right? So all the contact with different kinds of poeple was great for me. I learned alot and for a while it was fun! I dated some really interesting people, partied alot (although I never did drugs or got really wasted), and enjoyed life. But I must say it got old fast! Me and my sister moved into our own appartment, which was one of my goals for continueing work after graduation instead of school. To move out of our mothers home and be own our own.... wow. It was a rush!

It was 3 years since graduation. I was 21. I found the man of dreams and we got married. We were finally able to afford our own home. Although it is a mobil home, it is our home. It's actually quite nice, we were able to design it ourselves and everything. Life just kept coming at me fast. I finally decided it was time to go to college. I wasn't getting any younger. But now I have bills to pay and have to keep working. So I took about 2 classes a semester. 4 classes a year. Again all the people I started with were gone and done by the time I even was considered a sophmore! Well, that was in 2004. Between hurricanes and evacuations and bills I still have my 2 final years left to go. I'm so impatient though!

I couldn't stand my waitressing job anymore. Management had changed twice and it wasn't fun anymore. It was nerve racking! I cried in my car everynight before I would get home and pretend it was all okay. My hubby knew better though and offered me to quit my job. It was hard to leave even with all the unfair treatment I was getting at work, but I took my hubby up on his offer and quit my job. I worked since I was 15 at different jobs. This particular job I had worked at for almost 8 years. It was hard to "not work". I picked up more classes and got further ahead. Realize also I had to take 6 remeidial courses that didn't even count to my degree. So that made the journey even more slower!

Well here I am today. I found myself bored with just school. There wasn't much a challenge anymore. So I picked up a side job to do after classes. Grant it my hubby works one week on and one week off. He's away from home when he works. So I see him every other week for 7 days straight. So there were times I pulled late nights when he was gone, just to fill in the time I guess. Well the last huricaine "Gustave" flooded my work and the building I was taking my classes in. So I had to drop out the semester and I lost my job! Geeze!

I could have restarted school this semester, but my hubby will be promoted soon and we will be moving to another state. The date is not set in stone, so I didn't want to start a semster just to drop out! Same goes with a job. I don't want to start and have to quit right away. So here I am stuck at home bored.... hence the title "My humble life". My days are filled with housework and keeping my 5 cats and my dog occupied. That's why I thought a blog might give me something to "fill the time". Maybe something interesting topic will come to mind and I can write about it. Or maybe nothing at all will happen.... and I can write about that to lol. Well until next time l8a.