Monday, July 20, 2009

It's a BOY!

We just came back from the OBGYN and found out we are having a boy! The original plan was for us to have a boy then a girl, but for some reason when I found out I was pregnant I switched and wanted a girl! I totally freaked out, because I don't know what to do with boys! I grew up with all girls and that would seem to be easier for me to relate to. But all week leading up to the doctors appointment I dreamed of having a boy and I knew in my heart that I was having a boy. So I'm still really excited and now me and hubby are back to the original plan; have a boy then try for a girl. I know it's silly, but now I kinda feel guilty for wishing for a girl! Also they said all the organs are developing great. So honestly what more could I ask for? I feel like the most luckiest person on Earth right now.
As far as the moving goes, it's just right around the corner! I can't wait. I'm going stir crazy in our house now. Mostly because it's just me, myself, and I. I joke around with my hubby that we're not just moving to another state, we're moving in together! So he's going to be home every night after the move. So I'll have some human interaction and I get to cook dinner again! I LOVE cooking so it's going to be nice to get back into a routine again and actually have stuff to do LOL! Never thought I'd say that. Especially since I'm use to holding 2 jobs and school all at the same time. I was always like "I need some down time!" now it's just the opposite. So hopefully I'll be finding a happy medium soon!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Getting Really Bored!!!

OMG! So I'm 16 weeks and 4 days pregnant. Hubby is still only home on the weekends. I am SOOOO freakin' sick of being by myself! We only had about a year when we were first married that he's been home every night. After that first year it was one week gone at work and one week at home with me. The last 2 and 1/2 months it's only been weekends. It's really driving me nuts! At least with the week on week off, I was able to get tired of him and send him right back to work long enough to miss him again LOL! No seriously though, I'm so bored outta my mind right now! I usually work or go to school and now with the move coming up and the baby coming there really isn't much that I can do right now.

We have a packing company coming to pack up our stuff for us, so I can't even pack my own things to keep myself occupied! I can pack the liquid stuff, but I'm using all that right now. I just watch T.V. all day long (Baby Story on TLC) and stay on the computer to pass time. Sometimes I even will just try to sleep the day away so the next day will get here faster! Oh, I'm so pathetic!

Anyways, now that I'm done ranting on about my boredom and loneliness, this week is almost over! YAY! I got my toy poodle (Peanut) fixed yesterday. He isn't very happy right now. He's getting these coughing fits from the air tube they put in his throat. I try to keep him occupied, but he mostly is just aggravated right now. He was sick a week ago. He was sneezing really bad. Now all of my cats are sick! I have 6 cats! I've spent over $600 at the vet in the last 4 weeks, I can't afford to bring 6 cats to the vet! OH GEEZE! My smallest kitten just got fixed and I think he might not be as sick as the others. He was still on some anti-biotics from his surgery. Crazy pet days over here. I guess I'll have to break down and bring one in and see if they will sell me extra meds for the other cats. Oh well, what can ya do?
*Oops, don't know how to fix the side ways picture lol!