Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Induction tomorrow!

Oh my goodness I can't believe that I'm going to become a mother tomorrow! I'm ready to not be pregnant anymore. The doctor swept my membranes yesterday and said I'm 1 cm dialated already. So I have a good start for tomorrow. Hopefully it will all go well, I am really nervous and excited at the same time. I'll try and post pictures for everyone as soon as I can get the laptop up and running at the hospital so "stay tuned"!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

39 weeks! Induction on the 16th!

So I've been having problems and the doc wants to induce me on the 16th. I'm soooooooo ready so I said yes. I'm just scared and I'm hoping he decides to come out on his own before the 16th. She's going to give me pitocin which I hear causes really painful contractions. We'll see I guess. I'm just trying to stay brave at this point. I've been having contractions now for about 3 weeks, but she hasn't checked me in those 3 weeks either so I don't know if I'm dialating or not. She will check Monday though. I'm so nervous. I hope those contractions were dialating me so I have a head start Wend. Well wish me luck. My next post I should have some baby pics up!!! YAY!! I cannot believe I'm about to be a mother! WOW! For those of you TTC, I'm sorry I'm not trying to boast. I've been there and I know it's hard, but I'm proof it's possible so NEVER EVER give up!!!!!