Thursday, February 26, 2009

Another day

Yea, so it's just another day around here. Hubby is home. He is watching his "Judge Judy" right now. I can't pry him away from her! So thought I'd come in here and write a little. Not much really going on the last couple days. We visited the in-laws last night to let them know that we are moving. I know my husband is slow in spreading the news. My family has been knowing for a month now. He just hates to see his mom cry. She took the news well though. We'll only be 5 hours away anways. It's not like we are moving cross country or anything.
I started looking at homes online. I have a list of about 7 that I would like to see. I guess we'll actually start looking at them physically in 3 weeks from now. I'm so excited, I just hope we can get into a house we really like. We live in a trailer right now, so a house is a big deal. Also it is more up north so our families can evacuate to our house now during hurricanes. It's so hard on all of us when we have to evacuate. There is the stress of gathering up your pets, gas expenses, hotel expenses, long hours on the road, and you would actually be lucky if you DO find a vacant hotel room. There were many times me and hubby had to sleep in our tiny car (a coupe) with 5 cats and a dog in the outter rings of the hurricane and the car rocking in the storm! Not fun. So I'm excited that I can now offer a safe place for family to go during a hurricane. :)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Feelin' better :D

So I ended up taking 2 doses of Dayquil all together. I think the juice and vitamins did the trick. Oh and "waiting it out". I wasn't sure if I was gonna make it there for a while LOL! I made the worst tasting juice yesterday that was said to "Knock Out Any Cold". It must have helped. It was 2 oranges and 1 large grapefruit. I don't know about you, but grapefruit tast so awful to me! I even added 2 more oranges to it hoping it would sweeten it up a bit, but it didn't! It was still bitter! I took a straw and chugged ALL of it down as fast as I could. I guess it was worth it! I feel much better now. Just a little scratchyness left in my throat, but I'm sure that will go away soon.

It was also my sisters 30th birthday today! 30??? Where on earth did all the time go????? I turn 29 next month! Oh geeze how can this happen? It's like just yesterday we were 16 & 17 and livin' life up to the fullest. Where did the time go? I know, I know, it just amazes me how fast time starts to fly by after you turn 21! It's kinda sad that that young part of our lives is over where we will probably never even be carded again. I'm gonna have to start looking forward to something new now. Any suggestions? What milestones can I work toward now? It was all about being old enough to buy alcohole and get into clubs. Now we are ADULTS!! *Gasp* We are also both married and let's face it, we don't really "go out" anymore. And I'm not a big fan of drinking anymore either. OH MAN.... I am growing up! *sigh*

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Hubby's home to take care of me!

Okay, so far the "natural" healing thing is getting the best of me. It's been about 8 days since I've felt sick. They say the common cold last about 10 days right? So I should just be about done I hope. I broke down earlier today and took some Dayquil. It has helped tremendously! My hubby came home today! YAY! Someone to take care of me! He's been helpful so far. I just lay on the sofa and he makes my juices for me. He even did some laundry! What more could a girl ask for?

It's Mardi Gras time here in Louisiana. So things are a bit crazy in town. Good thing I'm really to sick to go to town right now! My hubby did get me out of the house today to go eat at Applebees. I have yet to restock my refridgerator since our vacation because I've been sick. I had just restocked on the fruit and have been living off of soups. YUK! Anyways, we were pretty lucky missing most of the "crazies" out and about celebrating Mardi Gras. I don't really get the whole idea to much. It's just a bunch of people getting drunk and acting up in public. It used to be fun as a child, but the adults pretty much have taken the "holiday" over. My husband and I decided last year that we would attend a parade. I nearly got beat up by some drunk man over a teddy bear! Geeze! So you have: Standing outside in the cold, it might rain on you, LOTS of drunks, lots of fights, screaming kids, dirty bathrooms,..ect... need I go on? It's really something I don't mind missing LOL!

Well, back to my sofa while my husband plays on his PS3. I think tomarrow I will feel much better. Keeping my fingers crossed!

Friday, February 20, 2009


Okay so my recent trip to New York City obviously made me sick. I thought I had avoided it, but I didn't. I'm all aches, coughs, runny nose... you name it I got it! I bought a juicer before we left to NYC and it came in while we were gone, so I'm trying it out. Hopefully some pure juice will help me clear this up faster. I would go to the doctor, but they can't really do much. It just has to run it's course. I'm not big on medicine anyways unless I absolutely have to take it! I use to be sick all the time with tonsilitous, but I had them removed in Feb of 08. Thank god, because I'm sure they would be infected right now. So I just forced down some blueberry juice and a glass of apple juice. I have to admit it does taste much better fresh!

So the last few days I've just been lying around curled up on the sofa trying to get better. I got really bored yesterday and decided to give my dog Peanut a bath. It was fun for me, but he hates it. It was over due anyways. He's a toy poodle by the way. I really like poodles because they do not shed. I also have 5 cats! They shed enough! They were all rescue cats. I got to attached to the last 2 to give them away. Besides that I have a bunny rabbit and 2 fish tanks. Which I must add the fish tanks are past due as well! I set out the water for them a couple of days ago, but can't find it in me to get up and clean the tanks! I'll do it before it gets bad I promise. ;) Well, wish me luck on my quest to fight off this cold au natural!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Taking on New York City

Well with all the formalities out of the way with my first post, I'd like to write about my recent trip to New York City! Well as I said my husband travels for work alot and has alot of free flyer miles. I decided to get over my HUGE fear of flying and go where I always wanted to go.... NYC! The plane trip there wasn't to bad, but I must admit I almost cried taking off. I'm such a baby! I couldn't believe my eyes as I noticed all the traffic and people! I live near New Orleans, so I wasn't expecting to be stunned by a big city. Boy was I wrong! Lets just say the worst places I ever drove was Huston and New Orleans. NYC makes that look like a peice of cake! I'm glad we were in a cab! I wouldn't dare tempt my fate!

Well the cab ended up taking us to the wrong hotel and we ended up having to walk 6 blocks to our hotel. It wasn't that bad just embarassing to be dragging luggage behind us lol. Our room was right in the center of it all in Times Square! It was a true blessing to even be here! The lights were amazing and the people were really nice! I always wanted to go the museums, see a show on Broadway, and see the Statue of Liberty. So that was a must do while we were there. Our first night was on Tuesday so it wasn't so busy around the streets. We had lots of opprotunity to take good pictures of everything and take in the view without being in the way.

Our second day was filled with museums. Lots of them! As we learned to navigate the city things became much easier for us. We even enjoyed a hot dog from a street vender! And it was good! We seen art work from Picasso and many other famous artist that I had studied in classes. It was a privilage to view them in person. We mostly walked where we needed to go. It seemed faster that way because the cabs were kinda slow and honking at everyone. We then discovered the wonderful subway stations! I always wanted to go on one! Silly? I guess, but it was still fun. I've only been on a short shuttle ride before at the Atlanta airport so this was an adventure for me. I fell over on people a couple of times, but it was funny and they were nice about it. We decided to see Marry Poppins on Broadway. I LOVED the movie as a child and my hubby never seen it before. So it was a great opprotunity to bring back childhood memories and to introduce my hubby to a great story. The show was fantastic! The cast was full of energy and didn't miss a beat. It was truely something I will always remember!

The third day we were so sore! We really then began to utalize the subway. We were going to see the Statue of Liberty! It was an amazing experience to see her up close and in person. I was surprized at how many people were there from other countries to check out the statue. We were not able to go in, but we walked around for about an hour taking pictures and .... feeding the birds. OOps! Didn't see the "Do not feed birds" sign. LOL! We then went to see the Empire State Building. WOW what a view. It was windy and freezing, but you couldn't help but catch a glipse of the city from 102 stories high!

Day 4 we were heading back home. Again I was scared of flying! We decided to take a couple hours to wonder the streets one last time. We came across all the street venders as before, except this time we decided to get our picture drawn. We sat in the freezing cold as they sketched away. Finally after about 15 minutes they showed us our picture. Who they drew, I have no idea. It looked nothing like us! It was still all fun and games though and we paid them and went on our marry way. We began to head back to our hotel and came across the firestation that was right down from our room. At night that was all we heard, but it seemed really slow and closed up during the day. On this day though the firemen were out and had the gate open. I made a joke to my hubby about taking a picture with them. He took me seriously and before I turned around to see where he went, my hubby was asking the really hot firemen to take a picture with me. I must say I was like a shy school girl and was totally embarassed. I couldn't say much but one worded sentances! What a hubby huh? To let me do that without hesitation. He's so silly sometimes!

So here I am home again. It is quite here and what seemed to be "humble" and at times boring now seems like a dream.... for a few days at least. Leaving such a big busy city makes me thankful for the quite time I do have. I loved NYC, but I'm glad to home to!

Slow day

So here I am sitting at home with not much else to do. Sound good to some of you? I'm sure it does. It did once to me to. Let me fill you in on my life thus far. I'll start right after high school and don't worry I'll keep it short. So I had high ambitions thru out school. As I'm sure many did. But I also had a strong desire to experience life. So instead of taking my scholorship to college I decided to get out into the workfoce. I worked since I was 15 and loved it. Need I say I thought my scholorship was good for year, but it was not. So yes I lost it and yes I regret it.
So I found a job at a restraunt as a waitress. It was a great way for me to meet alot of people quickly. All my freinds moved away after high school and I was left all alone :( Poor me right? So all the contact with different kinds of poeple was great for me. I learned alot and for a while it was fun! I dated some really interesting people, partied alot (although I never did drugs or got really wasted), and enjoyed life. But I must say it got old fast! Me and my sister moved into our own appartment, which was one of my goals for continueing work after graduation instead of school. To move out of our mothers home and be own our own.... wow. It was a rush!

It was 3 years since graduation. I was 21. I found the man of dreams and we got married. We were finally able to afford our own home. Although it is a mobil home, it is our home. It's actually quite nice, we were able to design it ourselves and everything. Life just kept coming at me fast. I finally decided it was time to go to college. I wasn't getting any younger. But now I have bills to pay and have to keep working. So I took about 2 classes a semester. 4 classes a year. Again all the people I started with were gone and done by the time I even was considered a sophmore! Well, that was in 2004. Between hurricanes and evacuations and bills I still have my 2 final years left to go. I'm so impatient though!

I couldn't stand my waitressing job anymore. Management had changed twice and it wasn't fun anymore. It was nerve racking! I cried in my car everynight before I would get home and pretend it was all okay. My hubby knew better though and offered me to quit my job. It was hard to leave even with all the unfair treatment I was getting at work, but I took my hubby up on his offer and quit my job. I worked since I was 15 at different jobs. This particular job I had worked at for almost 8 years. It was hard to "not work". I picked up more classes and got further ahead. Realize also I had to take 6 remeidial courses that didn't even count to my degree. So that made the journey even more slower!

Well here I am today. I found myself bored with just school. There wasn't much a challenge anymore. So I picked up a side job to do after classes. Grant it my hubby works one week on and one week off. He's away from home when he works. So I see him every other week for 7 days straight. So there were times I pulled late nights when he was gone, just to fill in the time I guess. Well the last huricaine "Gustave" flooded my work and the building I was taking my classes in. So I had to drop out the semester and I lost my job! Geeze!

I could have restarted school this semester, but my hubby will be promoted soon and we will be moving to another state. The date is not set in stone, so I didn't want to start a semster just to drop out! Same goes with a job. I don't want to start and have to quit right away. So here I am stuck at home bored.... hence the title "My humble life". My days are filled with housework and keeping my 5 cats and my dog occupied. That's why I thought a blog might give me something to "fill the time". Maybe something interesting topic will come to mind and I can write about it. Or maybe nothing at all will happen.... and I can write about that to lol. Well until next time l8a.